2014 Monthly Newsletters

“5 Unusual (but effective) Home Staging Ideas & Being Safe About Chemicals In Your Home”

“You Don’t Notice It – But Most Buyers Will & Don’t Take Stair Safety For Granted”

“Selling Your Home Doesn’t Have To Be Overwhelming & Using Candles Safely”

“What Home Buyers Love To See & Preparing For A Power Outage”

“The Important Of Reading And Understanding An Offer & Childproofing Tips For Your Home”

“Be Sure To Plan For The “Pet Issue” & When Someone Is Upset With You”

“Pack Your Memories Away & Creating Quiet…”

“Taking The “Scarey” Out Of Real Estate & 4 Home Hazards You May Not Know About”

“Getting The Most From An Open House & Bath Room Upgrades Using Overlays” 

“When To Call A Realtor & Foods That Boost Your Energy” 

“Making Sense Of A Crazy Market & Watch For These Electrical Hazards In Your Home”

“When Is The Right Time To Talk To A Realtor & A Quick Lesson In Wood Floors”